Using HyperFIDO with iOS Devices

Learn how to use your HyperFIDO with an iPhone or other mobile iOS device with a USB Type-A to Lightning adapter.

Using HyperFIDO with USB-C

Learn how to use HyperFIDO with Android mobile devices with a USB Type-A to USB-C adapter.

Using HyperFIDO with

Learn how to register and use HyperFIDO with your account online,

Using HyperFIDO with Google Accounts

Learn how to register and use HyperFIDO with your Google Accounts to manage Gmail, Drive, YouTube, and more.

Managing HyperFIDO Pro on Windows

Learn how to manage your HyperFIDO Pro through your Windows 10 account settings, including changing the PIN or resetting the key.

Managing HyperFIDO Pro with Chrome Browser

Learn how to manage your HyperFIDO Security Key with Chrome to change your PIN and more (macOS and Linux only).

Using FIDO2 with Microsoft Accounts

Learn how to sign in to your Microsoft account using FIDO2, for a truly password-less experience.

Using the HyperFIDO Test Tool

Follow these instructions for using the HyperFIDO Basic Info Monitor Tool to troubleshoot your HyperFIDO security key.


HyperPKI Manager User Guide

Learn how to manage your HyperPKI HYP2003 with our lightweight middleware.

Developer guide for the HyperPKI HYP2003.


Integrating HyperOTP with Duo Security

Learn how to integrate HyperOTP tokens with Duo, including importing and synchronizing tokens.