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Using FIDO2 with Microsoft Accounts

You can use FIDO2 available with the HyperFIDO Pro Security Key to sign in to your Microsoft account, allowing for a full password-less experience.

Note: You must register and add your HyperFIDO Pro Security Key, and set up the PIN before using it with your Microsoft account. Learn more.

This is for Microsoft Accounts only. HyperFIDO and FIDO2 protocols cannot be used to sign in to Windows Hello or your PC locally at this time. You can manage your HyperFIDO Pro directly in Chrome if you're on macOS or Linux. Learn more.

1. Go to Security

Sign in to your Microsoft account, then go to Security and click Update.

Go to Advanced security options and click Get started.

2. Add your security key

Click Add a new way to sign in or verify, then click Use a security key.

3. Set up your security key

Insert your security key into an available USB port.


Click Next, then follow the prompts on screen.

Enter your PIN and click OK. When prompted, touch the button on your security key to finish registering.

4. Name your security key

Enter a name for your security key, then click Next.

Click Got it to finish setting up your key.

Signing in with FIDO2

To sign in, click Sign in with Windows Hello or a security key.

If prompted, enter your PIN and click OK, then touch the button on your security key to sign in.

Note: It's not necessary to enter your email address or any sign in information when signing in using FIDO2.

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