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Traditional dynamic passwords for every day use
HyperOTP is our dedicated line of dynamic one-time password (OTP) tokens. It's compatible with all major operating systems including MacOS, Linux, and Windows, as well as mobile devices.
Simple to integrate due to its open-source algorithm, HyperOTP is an excellent way to get started with 2FA.


Static passwords are often vulnerable to phishing and other attacks. This is especially true for user-created passwords, which can be weak and/or reused across multiple accounts.

One-time passwords (OTP), also known as one-time PIN or a dynamic password, is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction. OTP has been in use for the past several decades, and has long been proven to be a simple yet effective method of protecting user authentication. Millions of users have chosen to secure their accounts using a one-time password as their 2-factor authentication method.


Our HyperOTP token delivers a dynamic one-time password with the push of a button on a clear LCD display.


Since there is no physical connection required between the token and a computer or mobile device, it can be used for virtually any system or platform. HyperOTP tokens are ideal in situations where security policies prohibit a USB connection to a computer.

Our HyperOTP tokens are also compatible with Microsoft Azure AD MFA, Duo, PingID, Okta, and more.


A vast array of OTP authentication servers and services are available on the market, making HyperOTP an easy and flexible option for a wide variety of users.

Along with the widely adopted BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept, every individual can choose any type of the HyperOTP devices to use with the OTP authentication system implemented without the need to build or restructure a complicated new IT infrastructure.


OATH Compliant

  • OATH HOTP Compliant (RFC4226 HMAC-Based)

  • OATH TOTP Compliant (RFC 6238 Time-Based)

Multiple Options

  • 6 Digits HOTP

  • 6 Digits TOTP 30 Seconds

  • 6 Digits TOTP 60 Seconds

  • Other options available

Easy Setup

  • Pre-programmed by Hypersecu for quick implementation

  • User programmable via NFC for maximum control to your secrets

Widely Supported

  • Works seamlessly with thousands of authentication service providers such as DUO, PingID, Okta, SAASPass, Microsoft Azure AD MFA, and more.


The Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH) led the development of a series of open standards for one-time password authentication. Nowadays, OATH-HOTP and OATH-TOTP protocols have grown to became a widely adopted open standard that's been implemented globally.


We've chosen to make our HyperOTP tokens OATH-compliant so that they can be seamlessly integrated into any OTP authentication server that's also OATH-compliant. This means companies can use our tokens without going through the costly task of overhauling their IT infrastructure or being locked into a specific type of authentication server.

As a result, we've delivered millions of HyperOTP one-time password tokens worldwide. We've helped bring secure user authentication to government agencies, banks, airlines, educational institutions, and other businesses, as well as individual users.

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