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We ensure trust in the digital world.

IT is nothing without a proper security solution for each user.


Hypersecu Information Systems Inc is a leading Canadian IT security solutions provider based in British Columbia, Canada.


Our expertise lies in information security technology, user access control, and multi-factor authentication. We’re dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art hardware devices and cross-platform applications.


Since 2009, we’ve delivered millions of multi-factor authentication products to clients in over 40 countries. We help both business and individual users digitally sign their tax returns and legal documents, securely access remote network systems from home or abroad, and protect their intellectual properties.


At Hypersecu, we offer a diverse range of high quality multi-factor authentication products. Our product lines include digital certificate-based HyperPKI USB tokens, HyperFIDO U2F and FIDO2 security keys, HyperOTP one-time password tokens, HyperSC smart cards and smart card readers, and more. Our products are designed and validated in accordance with the highest levels of IT security standards, such as FIPS, OATH, FIDO U2F, and FIDO2.

In addition to our own brand MFA products, we also carry a wide range of MFA devices from various leading vendors in the industry to provide a one-stop experience for your MFA needs.

We offer cost-effective branding services to businesses of all sizes who want to enrich their MFA product lines.



We believe in online privacy and security. Our mission is to provide secure online authentication around the world, one user at a time. That's why our clientele includes major banks and enterprises, as well as the healthcare sector and government agencies. Our aim is to provide the newest state-of-the-art toplevel security technologies to our clients at affordable prices, no matter what their needs or who they are.


We're also expanding our products and services to be accessible to everyday consumers. We aim to help more personal users benefit from the world of information security while offering ease-of-use and affordability through our array of multi-factor authentication products, available on the most popular platforms worldwide, including the international Amazon marketplace.


Our wide range of production options are designed to meet the unique requirements of different clients. By working closely with our global business partners and suppliers, Hypersecu offers multiple supply chain options to meet client production and shipment demands. Our products are produced and shipped from Canada, as well as other regions around the world.


In addition, we offer branding services for many of our products. We can help our partners tailor and streamline a large-scale implementation of our IT security solutions by providing personalized branding of USB and OTP tokens, smart cards and readers, and many other products.


Hypersecu is proud to be a member of the following organizations:
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