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Using the HyperFIDO Test Tool

You can use the provided HyperFIDO Basic Info Monitor Test Tool in order to help us troubleshoot your HyperFIDO key. Make sure you download the latest version of the tool.

1. Run the tool application

Run the FidoBasicInfoMonitor-12.exe application and insert the HyperFIDO security key you want to test.


The information should display automatically in the Hardware Info tab.

2. Obtain certifications

Determine the type of HyperFIDO key you have.

  • If you have a HyperFIDO Pro, perform the next steps in both the FIDO2 Certification tab and the U2F Certification tab.

  • If you have a standard HyperFIDO U2F security key, perform the next steps in the U2F Certification tab.

Once you've determined the type of HyperFIDO key you have, click on the corresponding tab and double click where it says Double click and press button.

3. Enter PIN and press button

Click OK, then enter your PIN and click OK again.

Tap or press the button on your HyperFIDO security key, or verify your fingerprint, in order for the data to be read.

Repeat this process for either the FIDO2 Certification tab or the U2F Certification tab if required.

4. Take a screenshot

Take clear screenshots of the information in all tabs containing data (Hardware Info, FIDO2 Certification, and/or U2F Certification).

Send the screenshots in an email to


Note: Please allow us some time to examine the data and get back to you with troubleshooting options.

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