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Using HyperFIDO Pro with Bank of America

You can use the HyperFIDO Pro Security Key to sign in with your Bank of America account online.


1) Make sure you are using a HyperFIDO Pro Security Key (Titanium or Mini). Standard versions of HyperFIDO security keys may not be compatible.

2) Make sure you are using a FIDO-enabled browser on your computer, such as Chrome web browser.

1. Set up 2-factor authentication

Sign in to the Bank of America website, then click Set up two-factor authentication under Security Center.

Switch the toggle key to On.

2. Add your security key

Scroll down to "Increase your security device", then click Review.

To the right of USB Security Key, click Add, then click Add Security Key.

3. Register your security key

Click Send Code to receive an SMS code to verify your identity.

Enter the verification code, then insert your HyperFIDO Pro Security Key and press or touch the physical button on the key when prompted.

4. Finish adding your key

Click Allow to finish adding your HyperFIDO Pro Security Key.

Up to two keys can be added at once. You can now sign in to your account using your security key.

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