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Using HyperFIDO with iOS Devices

If you have a USB Type-A to Lightning adapter, HyperFIDO security keys can be used to sign in to your Google Accounts on iOS devices such as an iPhone or iPad. Simply connect your security key's USB interface to the adapter, then plug the adapter into your iOS device.

NOTE: You must register your security key on iMac  or MacBook first. You cannot register a security key with your Google Account on a mobile device.

1. Find your account

Open the Gmail app on your iOS device, then tap your profile. Tap Manage your Google Account. 

Tap Add another account, then tap Google.

2. Sign in

Enter your email and tap Next, then enter your password to sign in.

3. Connect your HyperFIDO security key

Connect your HyperFIDO security key to the USB Type-A to Lightning adapter.


Insert it into your iOS device's Lightning port, then tap Next.

When the light on your security key begins flashing, press the button on your security key.

4. Finish signing in

Choose whether you want to register the device you're signing in on as a trusted device.


Tap Next to finish signing in and to finish adding your account.

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