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Using HyperFIDO with Google Accounts

Google Accounts includes access to your Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and more. You can also secure your other online accounts with HyperFIDO security key through the Sign in with Google options.

1. Sign in and account settings

Make sure you're signed into your Google Account, then click your profile image to open the profile menu.


Click Manage Your Google Account.

2. Go to security settings

On the sidebar menu, click Security.

Navigate to Signing in to Google, then click 2-Step Verification.

NOTE: If 2-Step Verification is off, you can turn it on at this step and add your Security Key all at once.

3. Add a security key

If 2-Step Verification was off:

Click Show more options, then select Security Key.

If 2-Step Verification was on:

Under 2-Step Verification, navigate to Security Key. Click Add Security Key, then click USB or Bluetooth and click Next.

4. Register your security key

Make sure you have your HyperFIDO security key, then click Next

Insert your security key when prompted. When the light on the key is flashing, press the button on the security key.

Enter a name for your security key and click Done to finish registering.

Signing in

To sign in with your HyperFIDO security key, sign into your Google Account as usual with your username and password and click Next.


When the light on the key is flashing, press the button on the security key.

Select whether you want to register your device as a trusted device, then click Next to finish signing in.

Editing your security key

To rename or edit your security key, navigate back to Security in your Google Account profile, then click the Edit (pencil) icon.


You can also register multiple security keys to one account, in the case that the account is requires access from multiple users.

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