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Signing in to Microsoft Accounts with HyperOTP

You can use HyperOTP TOTP tokens to sign in to your Microsoft Accounts. Using an OTP token will protect your account while using services linked to Microsoft Accounts such as Skype and Office 365.

Note: You must have 2-factor authentication turned on and your OTP token registered to your account. If you're unsure of how to do so, contact your system administrator.

Microsoft may make changes to their services and user interface. The instructions below are to be referenced as a general guideline for signing in to Microsoft Accounts using our HyperOTP tokens. For detailed instructions or assistance, contact Microsoft Support.

1. Sign in

Sign in to your Microsoft account using your account username, then click Next.

Enter your password, then click Next again.

2. Enter your code

Press the button on your HyperOTP token to display the one-time password.

Enter the one-time password into the field, then click Verify.

Note: Although the on-screen instructions refer to an "authenticator app from your device," it will accept a one-time password code from your hard token.

3. Finishing signing in

Choose whether you want to stay signed in, then finish signing in to your Microsoft Account.

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