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Hypersecu’s HyperFIDO Pro Security Keys are certified as RSA® Ready and are fully capable of interoperating with RSA products.

The HyperFIDO Pro Mini and HyperFIDO Pro Titanium can be used to access resources protected by RSA SecurID® Access Cloud Authentication Services. RSA SecureID Access supports FIDO authenticators for both primary authentication (i.e. signing in with a FIDO security key instead of their password) or as an additional authentication factor (i.e. signing in with a FIDO security key after entering a username and password).

Security keys compatible with FIDO2 protocols can be used for primary authentication and additional authentication while the FIDO U2F protocol can be used as a method of additional authentication.

Learn more via the RSA Product Guide.

RSA Ready

Buying HyperFIDO

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