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Hypersecu’s HyperFIDO Pro security keys have been tested and are fully compatible with Microsoft Azure Active Directory FIDO2 passwordless  authentication. 

For enterprises that use passwords and have a shared PC environment, HyperFIDO security keys provide a seamless way for workers to authenticate and sign in without entering a username or password. Security keys help improve employee productivity while providing better security.

HyperFIDO security keys can be used to sign in to their Azure AD or hybrid Azure AD joined Windows 10 devices and use single sign-on to access both cloud and on-premise resources. Users can also sign in to supported browsers. FIDO2 security keys are an excellent option for enterprises that are highly security sensitive or where using a phone as a 2nd factor isn't possible or feasible for some employees.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure AD passwordless authentication.

HyperFIDO for Microsoft Azure AD Passwordless Authentication

Buying HyperFIDO

For where to buy HyperFIDO, click here.

For more information about Microsoft Azure, visit

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