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Hypersecu’s HyperOTP Lite one-time password tokens and HyperFIDO Pro Security Keys are two of our most widely used products. Our HyperOTP* tokens are OATH-compatible, letting you generate a dynamic one-time password to secure your accounts, while our HyperFIDO security keys provide a user-friendly method of protection that requires only the push of a button to sign in.

*HyperOTP Lite HOTP (event-based) tokens are recommended over TOTP (time-based) tokens. In the event that the token becomes out of sync, Duo offers a feature to resync HOTP tokens.


Our products are designed to be compatible with DuoDuo offers "integrations with a broad range of third-party devices," including HyperOTP and HyperFIDO, and "is an easy-to-use two-factor authentication solution that fits seamlessly in your users' daily workflows."


Learn more about integrating our products with Duo.

Integration with Duo

Buying Our Products

Hypersecu ships our MFA products to any country not prohibited by export laws and regulations. Our network partners in India and other parts of Asia makes importing our products to these regions a smooth and simple experience. HyperFIDO Pro Security Keys are also available from Amazon India, Amazon EU, and more.

For further information about purchasing our products for integration with Duo's services, you can contact us.

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