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Hypersecu’s HyperOTP time-based one-time password tokens (OATH TOTP hardware tokens) are fully compatible with Microsoft Azure Active Directory MFA authentication. Azure AD supports the use of OATH-TOTP SHA-1 tokens that refresh a passcode every 30 or 60 seconds.

OATH TOTP hardware tokens typically come with a secret key, or seed, pre-programmed in the token. For pre-programmed HyperOTP TOTP tokens, including the HyperOTP Lite, HyperOTP Edge, and HyperOTP
Pro, we can provide the hardware token seed files in Azure format for an Azure administrator to import the seed file into the Azure Portal.

In addition to the pre-programmed option, the NFC version of the HyperOTP Edge and HyperOTP Pro can be programmed by end users on-premise. Administrators can use the secret key or seed obtained from the software token setup flow and use it to program compatible HyperOTP tokens using the tool available from Hypersecu.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure AD authentication.

HyperOTP for Microsoft Azure AD MFA

Buying HyperOTP

HyperOTP one-time password hardware tokens are one of our best selling MFA products. Millions of HyperOTP tokens have been delivered to banks and enterprises worldwide since 2009. Our HyperOTP tokens offer a wide range of options to meet various client needs:


  • For price sensitive clients: Low cost solution manufactured by our manufacturing partner in Asia

  • For the majority of clients: Pre-programmed in Canada with imported parts

  • For special orders due to compliance requirements: Made in Canada

  • For business partners: Rebranding services are available

Contact us to learn more.

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